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Question: What are Solar Screens USA customers most excited about?
Answer: How amazing their new solar screens look.

Question: Can I choose a frame color that is different from the screen color?
Answer: Yes, most homeowners choose a frame that is color-coordinated with the trim on the house.

Question: How much do they cost?
Answer: We are happy to measure, deliver, and install solar screens for an average price of only $60 to $65 per screen when ordering screens for the whole house.

Question: Will they block my view of looking outside?
Answer: During the day, you can see outside easily. At night, you will want to close your blinds as usual.

Question: How long do they last?
Answer: Your new solar screens will last more than 10 years.

Question: How long after measuring do we have to wait for the solar screens?
Answer: We maintain a 5-day turn-around from measuring to installation.

Question: Do you take credit card?
Answer: Yes, we accept cash, check, and credit cards on PayPal.

Question: When can Solar Screens USA come out and measure?
Answer: We are happy to schedule your measuring at a time that is convenient for you, usually within one business day.

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